Foot Worship with Glitter Goddess – Video


I’ve got a brand new pair of Valentino heels and now there’s only one thing I’m missing…your worship of My feet in these perfect heels… – Glitter Goddess Video


It’s time for foot worship, My pet! One of the great joys of My Goddess life is when a good boy takes Me shoe shopping! They are there with Me… in the designer store… watching My feet be handled by the sales person.

They get to see the moment the perfect shoes get placed upon My feet. They get to witness the turn on that flows through My body when I find the perfect new pair to tease My good boys with. After My latest outing, I thought I’d share this turn on with you. I thought I’d share with your the newest addition to My closet…

So when I got home, I made you a video. I want you to see how perfect this new pair of Valentino heels looks on My body. I want you to witness what happens when I adorn My body with the perfect pair of heels. And yes, there is plenty of time for foot worship. There is plenty of time for you to fall under the trance of a perfect pair of feet in a perfect pair of heels worn by your perfect Goddess.

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