Financial Domination- New Listing

    Are you into financial domination? Me too! Here is my new Niteflirt listing… Wanna come play?

    Glitter Goddess Financial Domination

    I’m Glitter Goddess

    I’m gorgeous, manipulative, and I have a BIG secret.  I have a money fetish and I can’t get enough of draining jerk-offs like you of your hard earned money.  Financial domination just makes my pussy so wet and I can’t help it. 

    I realized I had a money fetish when I was a teenager.  Call me if you want to hear the story of that fateful night that has turned me on ever since.

    And what’s best is I’m REAL! I am on cam so you know these are my real pics. I also own slaves in real time, financial and domestic.  If you’re lucky I’ll let you serve me too

    Call me! I have money games we can play  Call Button

    If you are too shy to call in live? Try these recorded listings …

    Hypnotic Trance Masturbation JOI:  Call Button
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    3 “Nice” Photos, $15:  
    3 “Naughty” Photos, $15: 

    Glitter Goddess Financial Domination

    Good To Know:

    1. I love making custom videos, audios, and pics with customized fetishes and your triggers. 

    2. I love pay-to-view messaging and writing naughty letters. It’s also a great way to contact me if you are shy…send me a message!

    3. Buy my website URL- I have lots more content, $1:  

    *Payments for all purchases are only through Niteflirt 

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    Lounging Around! 
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