You’re Not A Real Man – Cuck Video


When you’re a cuck, you know that your service to a woman, doesn’t REALLY include your pleasing her with your “thing”. You know she needs a real man with a real cock to give her the pleasure she craves. And you’re willing to do anything to contribute to that pleasure. Anything she asks…

In My new video, I need the help that only you as a cuck can provide. I have My real man here, and I need your help. I need you to show us that you’re not a real man. And I need you to show Me how far you’re willing to go to please Me by doing… Whatever I ask… What will you do for Me to add to My pleasure? – Glitter Goddess Video


You’re just not. You never have been. Good boy, you don’t have to pretend with Me. You’re My good cuck. You have to be ready to do the naughtiest of things for Me. Even finish him off for Me!!!

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