Intro To Erotic Hypnosis – Video


Introduction To Erotic Hypnosis: Have you ever dreamt of, hoped for a sensual experience so powerful that it transcended daily life, transcended time, transcended distance between us? – Glitter Goddess Video


Here is your introduction to Erotic Hypnosis done My way!

Are you ready to be teased and seduced into a pleasure you could only dream of? I am your Goddess, whether you realize it yet or not My good boy, and as a beautiful, powerful woman, I have plans for you! Lose yourself in our secret world… and what you will find… only we will ever know.
My $5 video, “Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis” is one that every good boy, every pursuer of hypnosis, every connoisseur of pleasure should have!

And here is a video teaser… as if you needed any more reason to spend $5 on the ride of your life!

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