Do You Have Feelings of Inadequacy? Goddess Can Help

Do You Have Feelings Of Inadequacy? Your Goddess Can Help

Feelings of Inadequacy Glitter Goddess There are some topics that I can’t address in videos or audios because they are far too personal and individual. These kinds of topics, like inferiority or inadequacy, are more effectively addressed in one-on-one sessions with me. Not all of my good boys have these feelings, but if you do, these feelings may occupy your mind and your thoughts more than you would like. I can help.

Do you feel inferior when it comes to any of these topics?
– Sex
– Age
– Penis Size
– Race
– General (feeling like a loser)

These can be challenging feelings to deal with, but I am here to help, here to talk to, and available to explore with you whether these feelings are or normal or not. If you are ready to look into this further consider the following questions and set up an appointment with me.

  1. What do you feel inadequate about?
  2. Is there any pleasure you are getting from feeling inferior?
  3. Are you ready to tell someone you trust about this secret you have been too embarrassed to talk about?

To set up a session, email me at or visit My contact page.
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