I’m Going To Hawaii!

Hawaii Glitter GoddessUpdates: 

  • I am planing to do not only a dolphin swim, but a shark swim too!!!
  • I’m thinking about upgrading my flight to first ($2,100 left for that)

I have a very exciting announcement! I’m going to HAWAII!!!I was born in Hawaii and lived there until I was 10, so I am very at home on the Islands and I miss them!!! Last year I went to Kauai and Oahu and had an absolutely fabulous time and this year I know will be even better with more good boys in my life to spice it up and add to the decadence.

bikini Hawaii Glitter GoddessThe Vacation:
For this year’s vacation, I will be on Oahu and I already know which beach I’d like to rent a place on. I’m choosing a beach perfect for swimming, lounging around in my bikini, and dare I reveal….skinny dipping in the moonlight! I’m bringing my new camera so you can look forward photo shoots and new video content from the trip too!

Who- Me, my lover, and I’m meeting my best friend there!
What- A sexy vacation to Hawaii!
When- September 14th-22nd
Where- Kailua, Oahu
Why- ‘Cause I can! And I NEED to feel that ocean water on my skin again!
HOW- Well, this is where you come in! I would love for you to add something special to my trip. Right now what I could use the most help with is giftcards towards my beach rental which I will be booking through airbnb, gifts from my amazon wishlist, and tributes towards the fun!

Gift Cards Toward The Rental ($1,936 for the stay):

There was a slight set back with the rental that I have fallen in love with, but never fear, you can help to make it better! The price went up and I realized I can only use one airbnb gift card per my reservation. SO the best way to help is giftrocket.com. That works well if you are in the US and another option that is international is tributing through NF. (More info below on that)

If you are from the US and would like to use giftrocket.com, you can choose any amount to send and you will need the following information to make sure your card gets to me:

Tributes Toward the Fun!

I made Buy Now Buttons on Niteflirt to make tributing for the trip easy and more fun since you will get thank you gifts from me right away! If you don’t specify, I’ll use these towards the beach rental and the fun stuff I’d like to do and see while there like sipping Mai Tais and swimming with dolphins!!!

mai tai

$50 Tribute: Buy from GlitterGoddess through Niteflirt.com
With the $50 tribute you’ll get never released photos of me in Hawaii last year.
$100 Tribute: Buy from GlitterGoddess through Niteflirt.com
With the $100 tribute you’ll get my “Addiction Audio” and a naughty photo of my choice.
$200 Tribute: Buy from GlitterGoddess through Niteflirt.com
With the $200 tribute you’ll get a surprise bundle of 1 hypnotic audio, and 3 videos (one that has a peak at my bare breasts!). These are some of my little known content and all time favorites!
$500 Tribute: Buy from GlitterGoddess through Niteflirt.com
With the $500 you’ll get all of the above and my sincere thank you :)

Fun Stuff For My Trip on My Amazon Wishlist

If you live in the US or another country, you can make me happy by getting me things for my trip from my amazon wishlist here.

Activities I’d like To Do That Tributes Would Help With

  • Dolphin Swim
  • Dinner at Morimoto Waikiki
  • Snorkel Gear Rental
  • Sea Life Park
  • Kayak Rental
  • Tropical Drinks!!!

It’s only natural for a Goddess to be in paradise and be where I’m happy, so I’m letting the islands pull me in and show me a good time ;) I’ll keep this post updated with the latest info about my trip and what you can do to bring more pleasure and fun to it!
I’m so excited!!!

XoXo Goddess