HFO: How Do I Have a Hands-Free Orgasm?

Hands-Free Orgasm Video Glitter Goddess

Hands-Free Orgasm

What is a hands-free orgasm? Can everybody have a hands-free orgasm? How do you have a hands-free orgasm?

There are lots of questions (and other things!) aroused by this topic and it’s fresh on my mind with my brand new instructional video I have just released! This video has everything you need to experience YOUR hands-free orgasm, but I’m jumping ahead of myself, let me get to these questions…

What is a Hands-Free Orgasm?

Hands-Free Orgasm PreviewVery simply, a hands-free orgasm is achieving an orgasm during masturbation without the use of your hands. It can be guided by hypnosis, fantasy, and suggestion or triggered by a powerful and seductive Goddess, like Myself. It’s something that is widely fantasized about… Imagine pleasure and arousal so intense that you don’t even have to touch your cock to cum! Just laying back, listening to my voice, and having the pleasure of my command incite that level of excitement!

Sometimes hands free-orgasms happen inadvertently during my erotic hypnosis sessions. That is what began my fascination with learning more about the often elusive hands-free orgasm. I began wondering what I was doing to inspire, create, and invite My good boys to this kind of orgasm… and I built on that!

I got more and more requests to tailor My private cam or phone sessions to help facilitate hands-free orgasms and now, I have created a video that will not only guide hands-free orgasms, but is an incredibly sexy tease too!

Can Everybody Have A Hands-Free Orgasm?

Hands-Free Orgasm PreviewNot all bodies are capable of having hands-free orgasms. Every single body is different in how it experiences pleasure, where it likes to be touched (and how), and everybody’s fantasy life is also so unique and individualized.

There is no right or wrong about the way your body feels pleasure.

Just because you many never have had a hands-free orgasm, does not mean you are incapable of having one. There is a first time for everything, after all!

I hope your first time is with Me!

How Do You Have A Hands-Free Orgasm?

The best thing to do is take the pressure off of yourself to have one. That is a wonderful start. What if playing with the idea of a hands-free orgasm is merely a chance to play with pleasure in a new way?… and if through this journey of exploring pleasure you have a hands-free orgasm… then excellent!

My recommendation: Try out My instructional video and see where it leads you! Best case scenario you achieve a kind of pleasure that is elusive and somewhat rare. Worst case scenario, you have a new experience that will very possibly will heighten the pleasure of all of your orgasms that follow.

The Video

Hands-Free Orgasm Video with Glitter Goddess

This video is a very sexy guide to your hands-free orgasm. I walk you through the “how-to’s” briefly at the beginning and slide into a sublime, relaxing session where I guide you through a fantasy where I direct My female submissive, Jessica, to pleasure your cock. Get ready for a thrill!

It’s 20 minutes long and you will want to watch the whole video from start to finish for the full effect.

Hands-Free Orgasm Video with Glitter Goddess, $20
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I also have a link to watch the introduction to My new video which you can watch HERE.

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