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This is the place to come to see all of my free videos! They are always up, always here, and always ready to tease you and make you weak. Enjoy them and when you are ready for more, the next step is to start your own private collection of my paid videos and goodies!

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Glitter Goddess Hypnotic Arts – Addicted to Pleasure

A Walk Through The Woods With Glitter Goddess

An Introduction to my Labor Day Videos

Hard at Work: You Work For Me Video (8 mins)

Hypnosis and Body Worship Tease with Glitter Goddess: A Great Place To Begin (2 mins) ➚

Erotic Hypnosis with Glitter Goddess: Femdom Hypno JOI (30 mins) ➚

Introduction To Private Erotic Hypnosis JOI with Glitter Goddess (11 mins) ➚

Me messing around in sexy yoga pants (3 mins) ➚

My love of money (4 mins) ➚